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Dog Spay & Neuter

Dog Spay and Dog Neuter Surgery: How it Helps Your Dog

Most pet owners have heard about how spay and neuter surgeries for dogs can help reduce the overpopulation of homeless animals in our communities. But many are surprised to learn about all of the benefits that dog spay and dog neuter surgeries have for the dogs themselves. In fact, spay and neuter surgeries for dogs can truly help dogs live longer, healthier lives and integrate much more smoothly into their human families and with other pets in the home. Our Lakewood veterinarian explains how.

Lakewood Veterinarian Discusses Spay and Neuter Health Benefits for Dogs

When we perform spay or neuter surgery here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital, our Lakewood veterinarian removes the reproductive organs from your dog. For a dog spay surgery, we remove the uterus and ovaries of a female dog. If we can do this before her first heat cycle, she will have almost no chance of getting uterine, ovarian or mammary cancers in her life. This will also prevent a messy heat cycle where she could potentially get pregnant. During a dog neuter surgery, we remove a male dog’s testicles. This will eliminate his chance of getting testicular cancer. In both cases, unexpected litters of puppies are avoided.

Female dogs particularly benefit from dog spay surgery. In addition to the drastically reduced cancer risks, the complications of pregnancy will be avoided. Pregnant dogs need extra prenatal veterinary care and extra care to avoid potential infections and complications after whelping. It also costs dog owners far less to have the spay surgery done than to care for an unexpected litter; the puppies also need veterinary care, vaccinations, spay and neuter surgery, food and a good home. Unfortunately, some pet owners cannot provide these necessities for one reason or another and that is why we end up with overcrowded shelters. Spay surgery prevents all of this while giving your female dog a healthier, longer life.

Dog neuter surgery with our Lakewood veterinarian also has several important benefits for male dogs beyond just avoiding testicular cancer. Neutered male dogs are far more docile, relaxed and easier to train than unfixed male dogs because they are not constantly overwhelmed by hormones driving them to mate. They experience a vastly reduced need to spray and mark territory. They will be less aggressive and not damage property or injure themselves, people or other animals trying to get to a female in heat. This enables them to get along better with everyone in the family, including other pets.

Dog spay and dog neuter surgeries are important preventative surgeries on many levels. Our Lakewood veterinarian has performed thousands of them and they come with very low risks for complications. It is a great gift you can give to your dog, your family and your community. If you have any questions, please call us at 303-219-7788 any time!