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Cat Spay & Neuter

Cat Spay and Neuter Is Important for Feline Health

Spaying or neutering your cat is an important choice. Not only will this procedure help reduce the unwanted animal population, but cat spay and neuter will also improve your cat’s overall health. This includes reducing the risk for certain cancers, reproductive disorders, as well as certain behavioral problems. Our Lakewood veterinarian strongly recommends cat spay and cat neuter as part of long-term wellness care.

Lakewood Veterinarian: Spay & Neuter Supports Your Cat's Health

Spaying is a surgical procedure that removes a female cat’s reproductive organs; neutering a male cat is the surgical removal of the testes. Both procedures prevent a pet from reproducing. However, these procedures also offer important health benefits. Spaying female cats reduces the risk for breast cancer, which is fatal for 90% of female cats. In addition to preventing unwanted litters, neutering a male cat will virtually eliminate the risk for testicular cancer.

Neutering male cats also redirects their attention away from finding a mate and instead focuses their attention on the family. An unneutered male cat will stop at nothing to find his mate; this can lead to long nights roaming the neighborhood, fights with other cats, and territorial or aggressive behavior towards strangers and other household pets. In contrast, neutered male cats are less aggressive and territorial; while they may still enjoy being outdoor cats, the risk for fights or accidents is significantly decreased. While a neutered male’s personality will not change, his desire to find a mate will change his behavior for the better. Neutered males are also less likely to spray urine in order to mark territory or engage in other territorial behaviors that can cause conflict with household pets and family members. This reduces the incidence of fights and expensive emergency care visits due to wounds or other injuries.

Spaying and neutering cats is critical for reducing the unwanted animal population. Sadly, animal shelters suffer from overcrowding and limited resources. Even here in Colorado, there are more cats than there are potential homes. Should your pet reproduce, these offspring are potentially taking away a home that could have otherwise gone to a cat currently in our local shelters. Cat neuter and spay is the best way to reduce the unwanted animal population and give all cats a fair chance at being adopted by a loving family.

Both spay and neuter are important for helping male and female cats live a long, healthy life. Cat spay and cat neuter surgeries are considered routine procedures that are frequently performed by our Lakewood veterinarian. Whenever possible, we encourage spaying or neutering cats before they reach sexual maturity. However, this cat neuter and spay can be performed on pets at any age.

To learn more about the benefits of cat spay and neuter, or to schedule an appointment for your cat, please contact our Lakewood veterinarian at 303-219-7788.