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Puppy and Kitten Care

Pet wellness is important at every age -- but especially for puppies and kittens. Establishing positive wellness habits at a young age sets a foundation for a lifetime of good health, and here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to that cause. Since 1975, we have been kitten careserving pets in Lakewood and the surrounding Denver metropolitan area. Our experience has taught us that vigilant preventative care can significantly reduce the risks of health complications in the future.

Pet vaccinations serve as the foundation of our puppy and kitten care. These life-saving vaccines ensure that your pet does not contract a debilitating or even deadly disease that could be spread to other pets, or as in the case of rabies, to humans as well. We begin administering pet vaccinations at just a few weeks old, and continue to follow a schedule that lasts into adulthood. Pet vaccines have saved countless lives thanks to attentive pet owners who begin immunizations as early as possible.

puppy careSterilization is another important facet of pet wellness. We typically include spay and neuter services as a part of puppy and kitten care, although the procedure can be performed into adulthood as well. By spaying or neutering your puppy or kitten before he or she reaches reproductive age, you can significantly reduce recovery time. It also helps reduce chances that your pet will develop certain diseases, such as testicular cancer, prostate disease and breast cancer. If you are not planning to breed your puppy or kitten in the future, be sure to talk with one of our veterinarians about spaying and neutering as early as possible.

Proper Pet Nutrition for Your Puppy or Kitten Contributes to Pet Wellness

Each veterinarian in our office goes above and beyond the usual standard puppy and kitten care to provide additional health advice and counseling. We know that healthy diets make healthy pets, which is why we offer pet nutrition services at our office. The nutritional needs of young pets vary significantly from those of older pets. We believe that by informing pet owners about the importance of certain nutrients, young pets will be healthy, energetic and also gain valuable protection against potentially dangerous diseases.

We offer customized pet nutrition plans according to the size, breed and age of your dog or cat. Certain breeds, for example, are prone to diseases that may be more easily avoided with the administration of certain supplements and foods during the first few years of life. Furthermore, we can adjust a pet's diet to compensate for certain allergies or conditions, possibly reducing the need for more invasive treatments.

If you are in search of a veterinarian in the Lakewood area or a vet located near Belmar who understands the specific needs of puppies and kittens during their youth, contact us for an appointment today. We look forward to helping your pet live a long and healthy life. Call Us Today! (303) 219-7788