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Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations for Your Pet's Health

As a pet owner, you understand that healthy pets live longer, happier lives. Though bringing your pet to the veterinarian for regular examinations is a big part of pet wellness, pet vaccinations also play an important role. Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital, we believe that pet vaccinationspet vaccinations are imperative to the health of every pet. If your dog or cat is overdue for immunizations, we are your go-to vet located near Belmar and Lakewood Co.

As with humans, pet vaccinations are designed to trigger immunity within pets from certain viruses and diseases. By vaccinating early and regularly, pets can maintain an ongoing ability to fight infections should they arise. Furthermore, not only do vaccinations protect your dog or cat from dangerous or potentially fatal diseases, but in the case of rabies, immunizations can protect your family as well.

The rabies virus has plagued animals throughout modern history, causing damage to nerve tissue and eventual death. Rabies is easily spread from pets to humans through the bite of an infected animal, which is why administration of the rabies vaccine for pets is mandatory according to many city ordinances. In addition to the rabies virus, however, there are several other diseases for which vaccines have been developed. To determine which immunizations are appropriate for your pet, speak with our veterinarian at your pet's next checkup.

Vaccines and Pet Wellness at Our Lakewood Animal Hospital

Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital, we know that pet wellness is as important to pet owners as it is to us. That is why we recommend starting your pet's vaccination schedule during the initial puppy and kitten care visits that occur when your pet is just a few weeks old. Puppy and kitten care typically involves multiple visits to our office for vaccination rounds, although the frequency of visits tapers off after a few months.

If your pet was not properly vaccinated while he was a puppy, we can bring him up to date to provide the same complete protection that other animals enjoy. We also know that not all vaccines are right for every animal, nor do all pet owners want the same vaccines for their pets. That is why we work alongside you to help you determine which vaccines are a good fit for your dog or cat based on his or her breed, age and lifestyle habits.

When searching for a vet located near Belmar that can provide your dog or cat with his next set of immunizations, or if you simply need to bring your dog or cat in for a checkup, contact us for an appointment today. By turning to the veterinary team that has been serving Belmar and Lakewood pets for more than three decades, you can trust that your pet is in good hands with Wadsworth Animal Hospital.