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Pet Radiology

Lakewood Pet Radiology Provides a Valuable Diagnostic Tool

Whether your pet requires emergency surgery or a dental examination, our veterinarian must be able to see inside the body's physical structures before recommending a course of treatment. Pet radiology is therefore just as valuable to veterinary medicine as it is to the diagnosis and treatment of human ailments. Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital in Lakewood, we offer state-of-the-art dog and cat x-rays right here in our clinic, enabling us to give prompt and accurate diagnoses of any problems that may exist.


Pet radiology encompasses any and all technologies used to take and relay images of the bones and tissues within an animal. Dog and cat x-rays are perhaps the most well-known of such technologies because they are commonly used in both routine and emergency care. X-rays pass through soft tissues and are deflected by hard tissues such as bone, creating a photographic or digital image of these structures.

Dental evaluations, for instance, may include taking x-rays of the teeth and surrounding bone so that we may detect disease or decay. Pets who exhibit signs of chronic joint pain may benefit from x-rays that reveal arthritis, hip dysplasia or some other degenerative condition. Dog and cat x-rays are also common in emergency cases where a fracture or dislocation is suspected. By viewing a clear, detailed image of the damage, our Lakewood team can recommend the appropriate surgical procedure to effect repairs. Although x-rays are a form of radiation, we make every effort to minimize the exposure for safe, efficient imaging, and the details they can reveal make the procedure more than worthwhile.

Other forms of pet radiology can also image soft tissues with great clarity. A CT (computed tomography) scan produces highly detailed cross-sections of hard or soft tissues. The rotating scanner captures multiple angles, which our veterinarian can view on a monitor. Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is particularly good for producing detailed images of torn or damaged tissues, such as those found in suspected joint injuries. Ultrasound is a familiar technology to any expectant mother, and it works just as well in pets as in humans. Ultrasound examinations produce real-time moving images of the major organs, a developing fetus, or other internal structures.

Pet Radiology Available at Our Lakewood Animal Hospital

Our in-house pet radiology services streamlines and simplifies the diagnostic process, an important consideration if your pet is in pain or requires urgent care. Our veterinary staff reviews the images with the pet owners to explain our findings and present treatment options.

We also keep thorough x-ray records at our Lakewood office as part of the pet's detailed medical history. This enables us to refer to previous fractures, dental issues or emergencies while also helping us track the process of degenerative conditions. As a result, pets enjoy a higher standard of treatment and less time on the examining table. We encourage pet owners to contact our office to learn more about our pet radiology services. Schedule today! (303) 219-7788