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Pet Emergency Care

Pet emergencies are rarely predictable, but the pet emergency care from Wadsworth Animal Hospital is something you can count on. Our team of skilled veterinarians includes Dr. Eric Eisen and Dr. Erika Olson, and all three have extensive experience in pet pet emergency careemergencies in and around the metro Denver region. Our staff all help contribute to our long-term success treating pets from our Lakewood veterinarian.

Wadsworth Animal Hospital Handles Your Pet Emergencies

Our vet located near Belmar is fully prepared to treat pet emergencies during business hour and offers 24-hour referrals when the animal hospital is closed. Many animal medical emergencies involve blunt force trauma and lacerations, many of which are caused by car accidents, fights with other animals, falling, or other impacts. Pet emergency care for lacerations is a must so we may tend to the wound as rapidly as possible. Care following any type of blunt force trauma is particularly vital due to the possibility of internal injuries. Our diagnostic tools can help us check for any of those injuries as well as assess the extent of any damage.

Our diagnostic tools are equally useful for emergency situations that may seem to have no apparent cause. Our Lakewood veterinarian can run a series of tests to help determine why a pet is suffering from a particular symptom or combination of symptoms. This may be the case when a pet displays evidence of being in pain. Symptoms of pain may include a rapid heart rate, agitation and aggression, panting, and pacing back and forth. We can find the cause of the pain and then direct our attention to correct the underlying issue.

Pets that are having difficulty breathing can also have a seemingly mysterious cause for the condition. Our tools can review the state of the airways and lungs to determine if any blockage is apparent. Other causes for wheezing, panting, and breathing difficulties may include allergic reactions, heart failure, infections, or toxins, all of which require emergency care from our vet located near Lakewood and Belmar.

Other emergency pet situations that require immediate attention from our Lakewood veterinarian include choking and coughing, diarrhea and vomiting, difficulty urinating, seizures, and poison ingestion. Each condition may have more than one underlying cause, and each also requires immediate attention. Diarrhea and vomiting, for example, can quickly lead to dehydration, a condition that may be fatal.

Poison ingestion can be the ingestion of any substance that may be toxic to your pet. Toxic substances include chocolate, insecticides, antifreeze, certain human medications, fertilizers, paint, batteries, and other household products. Immediate pet emergency care is crucial in any potential poisoning, even if you are unsure if the substance may be harmful. Calling our vet located near Belmar while you are en route with an emergency allows us to provide suggestions while you are in transit and prepare to treat your pet as rapidly as possible upon arrival.