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Pet Dental Care

Pet dental care should not be considered second rate when it comes to caring for your dog or cat. An estimated 80 percent of dogs develop periodontal disease, as do approximately 70 percent of cats. These oral diseases are known to prevent pets from engaging in proper eating habits, and they may also cause severe pain and discomfort. Fortunately, such conditions are pet dental veterinaryeasily avoided with proper pet dental cleaning techniques and at-home preventative care.

It is important to bring your dog or cat to our Lakewood veterinarian as soon as possible for a pet dental checkup, as periodontal and other oral health diseases become common in pets as young as age three. If your dog or cat is older than age three, but has never had a professional pet dental cleaning, make an appointment with our veterinarian as soon as possible for a complete oral health evaluation.

Although your dog or cat should have a complete pet dental cleaning on a regular basis, there are some signs to watch out for that could indicate your pet needs an emergency visit to the veterinarian. For example, dogs with bad breath or unusual eating habits may be exhibiting the early signs of periodontal disease or tooth decay. Similarly, reddened or swollen gums could indicate a serious oral health problem. It is a good idea to regularly inspect your pet's mouth for broken or missing teeth or increased drooling as well.

Pet Dental Cleaning and Examination from Your Lakewood Veterinarian

Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to your dog or cat's oral health, and we are committed to making pet dental care an important part of our wellness examination routines. At your pet's first pet dental checkup, we will visually examine the teeth, enamel, gums and other soft tissues of the mouth for signs of decay or disease. We can then complete a pet dental cleaning that will scrape away hardened plaque that harbors bacteria along the gum line.

Our pet dental services also include advice on how to properly care for your pet's teeth from home. We can recommend tooth cleaning tools, toothpastes, brushing techniques, a schedule for cleaning your pets’ teeth, and we can also provide you with helpful tips for determining the earliest signs of oral health disease. Furthermore, because your pet's diet is an important part of his or her oral health, our office can make dietary recommendations designed to minimize tooth decay.

If you are in search of vet located near Belmar or Lakewood in the Denver metropolitan area, contact our office for an appointment today. You can count on our comprehensive pet dental services and many decades of experience serving our community to ensure your pet receives the most efficient care possible. We look forward to meeting you and your furry companion soon! (303) 219-7788