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Pet Acupuncture

Lakewood Pet Acupuncture Offers Drug-Free Progressive Pain Management

Is your pet struggling with chronic pain or immobility? Are you searching for a drug-free, holistic treatment that complements traditional veterinary care? Then pet acupuncture may be a good fit for you and your pet. At Wadsworth Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer pet pet acupunctureacupuncture treatments as part of our approach to progressive pain management and veterinary care. Pets suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and degenerative joint disease may all benefit from this treatment.

Pet Acupuncture: Cutting-Edge Treatment for Pain Relief

While scientists are still learning about the benefits of acupuncture, we do know that these treatments play an important role in progressive pain management. For example, we frequently recommend acupuncture for older pets that are struggling with arthritis or degenerative joint disease. Senior pets that are not good candidates for orthopedic surgery may benefit greatly from a drug-free therapy like acupuncture as part of a progressive pain management plan.

Our trained veterinarian will use long, thin needles to stimulate pressure points along your pet’s body. Stimulating the central nervous system offers important physiological benefits for animals. These benefits include improved circulation, increased endorphin levels, and lower blood pressure – three physiological changes that contribute to pain relief and also enhance internal healing.

Additionally, acupuncture can help control pain and naturally manage other side effects caused by cancer treatments. Our veterinarians may also recommend acupuncture for immune problems, asthma, urinary tract problems and endocrine disorders. Whether your pet is struggling with pain or another health condition, veterinary acupuncture treatments may help safely extend the quality and comfort of your pet’s life.

Many of our pet patients have shown substantial health improvement thanks to acupuncture treatments. However, every animal faces unique wellness needs. Consequently, acupuncture may not be a good fit for every pet. Our veterinarian will work closely with you and your pet to discuss treatment goals and determine the right course of care for your pet. Some animals respond immediately to acupuncture treatments, while other animals may need several sessions before showing significant improvement. While the majority of our pet patients respond positively to treatment, some symptoms may remain. This is why we consider acupuncture to be one part of a comprehensive pet treatment program.

Pet acupuncture is a new, developing veterinary treatment not offered by all animal hospitals. Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital, our vet located near Belmar is proud to provide our pet patients with this important option for drug-free pain management. Acupuncture treatments help unlock an animal’s inner ability to heal, promoting internal healing while enhancing pain relief.

Our vet located near Belmar is convenient to the greater Lakewood community. We are passionate about providing holistic treatments to complement and enhance traditional veterinary care. Acupuncture is an effective, drug-free treatment for chronic pain relief. We encourage you to contact our veterinarian to learn more about the benefits of pet acupuncture.