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Pet Nutrition

Lakewood Veterinarian Provides Pet Nutrition Services for Prolonged Health

You already take your dog or cat to the animal clinic for routine pet wellness care visits, but have you ever considered taking your pet to a Lakewood veterinarian for a nutritional check-up? Pet nutrition is a vital part of raising a healthy, energetic dog or cat, and feeding iStock_000000155397XSmall.jpgyour pet the proper nutrients can also help prevent the onset of certain diseases and uncomfortable health conditions. After all, occasional preventive dog and cat vet care is much easier than ongoing visits to the veterinarian to treat and manage a disease. 

Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital, we take pet nutrition very seriously as part of our dog and cat vet care plans. Every Lakewood veterinarian in our office believes that food plays an important role in overall pet wellness care, which is why we offer complete pet nutritional consultations to analyze your dog or cat's diet in relation to his or her age, species, size and activity level. 

Our Lakewood veterinarian is continuously updated on the latest studies and findings in pet nutrition and the role it plays in pet wellness care. If your pet is suffering from a disease, we can customize a diet plan that may help manage the condition. Similarly, if your pet is prone to certain conditions based on age or species, we can offer pet nutrition tips to prevent or delay the onset of those conditions. Our recommendations may include changing types of food, adding supplements or changing how often you feed your dog or cat. 

Pediatric and Geriatric Dog and Cat Vet Care Includes Focus on Healthy Pet Nutrition

Although many of the nutritional recommendations are designed to meet the needs of an average adult animal, your pet will need different nutrients during the first few months and the last few years of life than he or she will need during young and middle-adulthood. That is why our dog and cat vet care includes providing pet owners with tips for proper puppy and kitten care, as well as senior pet care

During the first few months of life, dogs and cats have different nutritional needs than they do as they age into adulthood. While it is true that nutritional puppy and kitten care comes directly from the mother's milk during the first few weeks, no dog or cat should transition immediately to adult dog or cat food once weaned. Instead, young pets should be given small kibble enriched with extra protein. Also, avoid giving young pets too many treats, as the majority of caloric consumption should come from nutrient-rich pet food. 

Once dogs and cats begin to hit their golden years, we recommend feeding them diets designed to maintain a healthy weight as energy and activity decreases. Diets should remain rich in protein, as this helps maintain healthy muscle mass. Older dogs and cats may also benefit from an increase in vitamin E and beta-carotene, as these nutrients may help slow the signs of aging and boost the immune system. 

If you have any questions about puppy, kitten or senior pet care, make an appointment to visit your Bel Mar vet today. We can provide you with dietary and supplemental recommendations, as well as answer any questions you may have about pet wellness care. Call Us Today! (303) 219-7788