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Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care Critical for Maintaining Wellness

In just a few short years, our puppies and kittens progress through adulthood and enter their senior years. It is important to understand that senior pets have different needs from young adults. With preventative pet wellness care throughout your pet’s life and attentive senior pet care into his or her golden years, your pet can live a long, vibrant, happy life for many years. The key is to stay vigilant so we catch problems early when they can be treated more easily. Our Lakewood veterinarian explains some of the special needs of our aging pets.

Pet Wellness Care for Senior Pets

senior_pet_care_dog.jpgAs pets age, pet owners may notice certain problems or symptoms developing. There may be changes in appetite, leading them to gain or lose weight. They may drink a lot more water, which could lead to unexpected accidents around the house. Some senior pets start to have difficulty with movement, developing arthritis or other lameness issues that require progressive pain management. Their energy levels and behavior may change also. You may also notice vision or hearing problems, skin problems, lumps or lesions. Dental problems may also arise. These are all causes for our Lakewood veterinarian to be involved and for you to make sure to maintain a pet wellness care regimen to help your pet age gracefully and enjoy many healthy years to come.

Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital in Lakewood, our senior pet care schedule is comprehensive to catch problems early. It all starts with a twice annual nose-to-tail senior pet health examination. During these extremely thorough exams, we perform a variety of tests that include the parasite testing your pet is already used to—but to that we also add additional blood, urine and fecal tests that tell us how your pet’s liver, pancreas, kidneys and thyroid are functioning. These tests also give us an idea of your pets cholesterol, blood protein, phosphorous, calcium and electrolyte levels. We also examine your senior pet’s blood pressure and cardiovascular health. Then we check your pet’s eyes, ears, coat, skin and teeth closely for any potential problems.

Speaking of teeth, your senior pet’s dental health is a very important indicator of his or her overall health, and a critical part of our senior pet care regimen. If you notice your senior pet’s breath is becoming foul, that he or she has swollen, bleeding gums, loose or missing teeth or difficulty eating, we urge you to make an appointment soon to have these issues addressed.

During your pet’s senior wellness exams, we will also discuss diet and exercise with you, as these are probably the most critical aspects enabling your pet to live a long, healthy life. If your pet has any particular conditions or progressive pain management needs, we can help address those proactively through nutrition, medications and even acupuncture.

If your pet reaching his or her golden years, call us at 303-219-7788 for a senior pet wellness care appointment!