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Microchip Identification

Lakewood Pet Microchip Identification Best Way to Find Missing Pets

lakewood_pet_microchipping.jpgTen million dogs and cats are separated from their owners each year, estimates the American Humane Society. Sadly, the majority of these pets are never reunited with their owners. Lost or damaged identification and outdated contact information are two primary reasons why owners are unable to find their lost pets. Pet microchip identification is a safe, secure and reliable system for permanently identifying your pet. This is why our Lakewood veterinarian strongly recommends dog and cat microchip identification for all pets.

Learn Why Lakewood Veterinarian Recommends Pet Microchip Identification

Pet microchip identification is the best way to ensure a happy reunion. A microchip is a tiny device, approximately the same size as a single rice grain. This device is encoded with a unique serial number and then implanted between your pet’s shoulders. Should your pet be turned in to a veterinary hospital or animal shelter, a microchip reader can be used to locate the device on your pet and “read” the microchip’s serial number. A veterinarian can then log in to a secure database to match this microchip with a pet’s contact information, thereby being able to locate you, the pet’s owner.

Since only a serial number is located on the pet microchip, your personal information is never at risk. Only an animal hospital or shelter has permission to access a secure microchip database. You never need to worry about your personal information being misused. Since your contact information is stored in a database, this also means it is easy to update this information should you move or change numbers. All it takes is a few minutes to log in to your online account and enter a new address or phone number.

While pet identification tags worn around a pet’s collar are still very important, we also know that updating this tags can be a hassle, especially if you frequently move. Additionally, tags can fall off, become damaged or lost. With a pet microchip, you never need to worry about whether your pet is properly identified since a microchip can never “disappear.” An added benefit of dog and cat microchip identification is the ability to update your pet’s contact information to match a temporary vacation address or residency.

No matter how well trained your pet is off-leash or how secure you think your fenced yard is, the fact remains that one out of every three pets will be separated from their owners at some point in their lives. According to the Journal of the American Veterinary Association, without a microchip, less than 2 percent of lost cats that enter an animal shelter are reunited with their owner. Only 22 percent of dogs are reunited. Pet microchip identification significantly increases the odds for a reunion. With microchip identification, 38 percent of cats are returned home, a 2000 percent increase. For dogs, the return-to-owner rate jumps to 52 percent, a 238 percent increase.

High tech pet microchip identification prevents heartbreak for both you and your pet. Is your pet microchipped? Contact our Lakewood veterinarian today. (303) 219-7788